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Where To Sit

Accessible seats


Wheelchair accessible seats are A1 and A2, A24 and A25, B1 and B2, B24 and B25. There is flat access from the carpark to the auditorium via the foyer and ground floor corridor.


The mobility seats are located at the front of the auditorium, nearest to the stage and orchestra pit, situated at both ends of the first two rows of seating.


There are emergency exits easily available to all dedicated wheelchair seats. 

When booking these seats, please inform our box office staff if you intend to remain in a wheelchair and require the theatre seat(s) to be removed, then we can have everything ready for you on your arrival.

Please speak to the ushers upon arrival if you have booked a wheelchair accessible seat.

Seat Descriptions


Row A is the front row and closest to the stage.


Rows B is also on ground level behind Row A. This row can pose sightline issues for small children.

Rows C to J are in the tiered, elevated section and are recommended for small children as they enable unobstructed views over the heads of audience members in the front two rows. 

Row J is the back row in the auditorium.

Seats J 10 and J 15 are situated next to the technical desk. Sight lines are not restricted, but we do hold these seats and sell them last.

Centrestage Theatre has very generous legroom in every row.

Steps inside the auditorium from Row C back to Row J are wide and easy to manage.


If you have mobility issues we recommend booking Rows A to E and entering the auditorium from the ground floor corridor rather than using the foyer staircases.

Ticketing Policy for Children


All children (including toddlers), attending a performance at Centrestage Theatre must have a ticket and a seat of their own.

Children under 23 months are permitted free entry to most events. (Unless specified by an external hirer in the case of shows aimed at younger children)

These under 2's will not be assigned a seat and must sit on their parent/guardians’ knee for the duration of the performance.

Children are not permitted to sit on the aisle steps.


Children under 23 months must be signed in at the box office on arrival so we have an accurate count of the number of patrons in the theatre in the unlikely event of an emergency evacuation.

Entry is at the sole discretion of the ushers, Box Office Manager or Centrestage Theatre staff.

Unaccompanied Children Policy


No child under 14 years of age may attend a performance without the supervision of a parent or guardian who must accompany them in the theatre.

Young people who are at least 14 years of age may supervise younger children with their parent or guardian’s permission. 


Parents may not supervise children from the foyer, they must have a ticket and remain in the theatre at all times.

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