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Information forPerformers & Crew

We want you to enjoy your time with Centrestage Theatre Company
Here are a few things it is good to know...

All participants in shows at Centrestage Theatre are required to be current members of the Company.

Centrestage Theatre is a Zero-Waste Venue, so any items brought into the building; food containers, drink bottles, take-aways etc must be taken with you when you finish rehearsals or shows.

Please name and date any food/drink kept in the fridges in the extension kitchen or dressing room kitchenette. Remember to take these items with you at the end of your show. 

Actors are expected to take good care of all costume items and hang them up in the correct place in rehearsal room, dressing rooms or side of stage after every use.

Props must be returned to prop shelves in rehearsal room or props table in theatre after every use.

Please take care of your script and return it clean and on time to your Production Manager at the end of the show. Lost or damaged scripts will be charged for.

Centrestage Theatre spaces are in high use, with multiple users over any given period. Your production may well be sharing with drama classes, external hirers, other theatre companies - so please respect the space and other users and assist your Production team members to return the spaces to a suitable state for the next user at the end of your rehearsals. All Centrestage Theatre Company members are expected to play their part in keeping our spaces fit for use by all parties.

Any accidents where props, costumes, set pieces or any damage to the theatre building occurs, must be  reported asap to your Production Manager.

Any accidents or injuries to people must be reported asap to your Production Manager and where applicable an accident/injury form should be completed. These are kept in the box office.

There are first aid kits in the rehearsal room, dressing room, side of stage (near the SM desk) - check with your SM as this may move location in some shows. First Aid Kits are also located in the main kitchen off the foyer and in the Theatre Managers office. There is a defibrillator located in the box office.

Please do not remove any items from Front of House areas - including the kitchen, box office, foyer and Theatre Managers office, without the express permission of office staff. 

Cast and Crew must use backstage bathrooms during show season and tech weeks so we can keep the front of house bathrooms clean for your audiences.


Please read the theatre Health and Safety Policy booklet and manual before you commence rehearsals.


Your Production Manager will complete a Safety Induction Session at the beginning of your rehearsal period - Health and Safety is Everybody's Business.

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We Believe in Building Long-Term Partnerships

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