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It's Your Time To Shine

The Odd Couple - Female Version

By Neil Simon

Directed by Lynda Hart

Auditions will be held on

Sunday 26 May, 6-9pm

Please email us at:

A read-through will be held on June 9 with rehearsals commencing from June 30

Season plays from
31 August to 7 September

Roles - 6 Females and 2 Males

Ages - 30s plus

Accent - American (females)

Olive and their group of girlfriends are enjoying their weekly Trivial Pursuit night in Olive's messy and ill-equipped apartment. As the game continues, Florence arrives, fresh from being dumped by her husband. Fearful that the neurotic Florence might attempt suicide, Olive invites her to move in as her roommate. However, Olive and Florence have VERY different personalities. Where Olive is messy, untidy, and unconcerned about the state of her apartment, Florence is obsessively clean, tidy, and obsessed with hygiene. Olive's easy-going outlook on life soon clashes with Florence's highly-strung neurotic tendencies, testing their friendship to the limit. When Olive organizes a double date with the Costazuela brothers, their differences come to a head and sparks fly.

Character Descriptions  

Olive Madison - 30 plus - Bronx accent. Attractive, divorced, professional, vibrant, active, quick-witted, big-hearted, but also relentlessly sloppy and careless when it comes to the routine concerns of her personal life. She is very much at home in running shorts and a t-shirt, and still looks smashing in a cocktail dress. She is a woman seriously in need of order in her life.

Florence (Flo) Unger - Very well groomed, neat and has just broken up with her husband. She takes herself very seriously, likes to clean, decorate and cook and is very good at all three. She even sanitizes the telephone cord. Flo is also intelligent warm-hearted (in her own way) and has no sense of humour, at least about herself. She can also without meaning to make Olive feel guilty.

Sylvie - is desperately trying to stop smoking, and so sucks on lollipops or chews gum. She can get irritated with her friends, but has a good sense of humour, especially about her husband. A rather world-weary, sarcastic person. She does not tolerate fools, ignorance nor time-wasting. Can be seen as a bit of whinger, but in her mind, it's more about complaining about things to get them to be seen by others as things that need to be changed.

Renee - Sylvie's best friend, can be very plain-spoken, especially when she points out Olive's failings as a hostess - and then Flo's. She is single and dating a doctor. She is blunt about romance, honest about sex, keen but a little desperate in trying to find happiness with someone. Bright, upbeat, full of energy, but can be impatient, dismissive of others and somewhat self-obsessed. 


Vera - is very sweet, very nice, somewhat spacey, and, although quite smart, is often a step or two behind her friends. She's very funny, but doesn't realize it. Vera is married to Harry. A conservative, somewhat prudish person. She dresses plainly and "buttoned up". She thinks some topics about her friend's personal lives should be kept private. She is a serious, often downbeat person. Is frugal and dislikes extravagance and open displays of it.

Mickey - is a police officer, who is down-to-earth, plain talking, and has a good understanding of people. Sometimes she can take the "police bit" too far and she tries very hard to be in control of all situations. A very solid and very loyal friend to have. She is a stickler for playing fair and by the rules. She is brave, strong-willed, decent, dedicated, determined and direct yet can get a little flustered when dealing with things "outside the box"


Manolo Costazuela - is handsome, very well groomed, and Spanish with a Castilian accent. He is every woman's dream date and showers both Olive and Flo with attention. He must have good comic timing, as he gets VERY emotional. He is sensitive and appreciates Florence's sensitivity.


Jesus Costazuela - is Manolo's younger brother - also very handsome, well-groomed, excellent posture, very romantic - and he also gets very emotional, and truly appreciates Florence.

We Believe in Building Long-Term Partnerships

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